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Add your socials, websites, videos, anything. Your bio link is your new website.

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Bio link pages

Create your own unique & highly customizable bio link page with ease.

  • Custom colors & branding
  • Multiple ready-to-use components
  • SEO settings
  • Password protection, sensitive content warning
  • Dedicated domain with SSL certificate (increase credibility and security)
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) Increase loading speed
  • Add Teammates and manage them
  • Deep linking

Custom domain

You can easily use the features of the OOVO platform exclusively with a custom domain or subdomain from your main domain.

Display in search engines

Use the title and meta description to make your biolink page more searchable in search engines and specify its appearance when sharing.

Visual dentity ready!

Easily customize your biolink theme, links, favicon, title and even font to your personal taste or according to your brands visual identity.

Team management

According to the needs of each employee, apply the access they need and provide them with different sections selectively.

Powerful integration

Make your biolink more equipped by adding online chat, displaying notifications, etc. In addition, put all kinds of videos and songs from all online servers with the ability to play directly in your biolink.

Easy lead collection

Collect visitors email and contact numbers directly from your link page and create your contact list.

Built-in analytics

Day by day analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages and many more.

  • Advanced visit reports by country, device, referrals, language, and more
  • Get CSV output hits report
  • Connecting popular pixels such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn, etc.

QR Codes

Fully featured QR code generator system with easy to use templates.

  • Custom colors with gradients
  • Custom logo
  • Vcard, WiFi, Calendar, Location..etc templates
  • Permanent access in the account and receiving output in various formats, especially SVG
  • Virtual business card templates, WhatsApp, email, crypto, Wi-Fi, event, place and ...

Shortened links

Yes! You can use our service as a shortener as well.

  • Scheduling & expiration limits
  • Country, device & language targeting
  • A/B Rotation
  • Password protection, sensitive content warning
File links
Generate dynamic links to files and benefit from tracking, protection, pixels & expiration features.
Vcard links
Generate dynamic vcard links to your contact downloadable card and benefit from tracking, protection, pixels & expiration features.
We are also offering you a set of 59 amount of useful web tools as a bonus.
Tracking pixels
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.

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